you've been on the edge
of sanity
and discontent
for so long now
you've forgotten
where you spent
the hours
and years
buried deep
in the trenches
of a life
you were promised
great riches
and happiness
if you only
do this
and this
and this...

now you're here
you don't know...

but shouldn't you?

How did
all those people
do it
there was
Amazon prime
and quick

It wasn't magic
or was it?

You won't know

you let go

of the mind

and bring
super powers
back online...

Deep beneath
the hard exterior
you need
to keep
you safe
from the
riff raff
of everyday
impact smacking
you around
to follow
me, follow me
follow me

quietly waiting

for you

to become
soft enough
to notice...

your every move

the one
and only


when you stop
looking out

step back

into your world

you forgot
who you are

the peaceful

the moment
you were born.

This remembering
alters your


you really
only need
to open
your heart
and explore.

There's never been a better time to learn how to alter your life...

Enjoy monthly unlimited yoga + meditation classes.Experience the benefits of chanting, mudras & mantras.Develop personal rituals & practices to support you on your inward journey.Explore self-healing classes from special guest teachers on using crystals, essential oils, astrology, food, rituals, creating a sacred space, and much more.

AUGUST 14 ➸ 10-11am

Learn the basics of energy enhancement using crystals in your everyday life.

This is your introduction to crystals. If you've never worked with them, this is the perfect time to start. Spend some time with a Certified Crystal Healer to set you up with the knowledge you need to create a new relationship to these mysterious energy enhancers.

The intention of this class is to help you form a relationship with your crystals and learn how to start using them.

your experience includes

Getting the background story of crystal healing and usageLearning why they are so incredibly useful in modern everyday lifeTraining you how to choose your crystalsGuidelines for charging and caring for them to increase their effectivenessQ+A


My whole life changed at 16 years old after surviving an almost fatal car accident where I suffered a coma and a Traumatic Brain Injury. At a young age I saw the world through a different lens. Nothing was the same to me from that point on.

Nobody really can prepare you for how drastic life will seem after such an extreme experience and for so many years I did my best to accommodate. Through actively healing my body, mind, and soul I have discovered and learned various ways to not only help myself but help those with similar experiences.

AUGUST 18 ➸ 1-3pm

Discover Ancient Tools & Practices for Creating Sacred Spaces

Have you ever wondered how to work with crystals in your meditation? Or wondered how chanting worked on the body? Or how an altar can alter your life? Lindsey will answer these questions and more, guiding you to explore uncharted healing potentials in yourself and your environment.

The intention of this class is to empower participants with tools and knowledge to create sacred inner and outer space.

your experience includes

Inspiration and knowledge for cultivating daily aligned sacred routineVibrational tune up practice with the bija mantrasInstruction on how to create a basic altarOverview of crystal uses with a focus on crystals for altars and sacred spaceQ+A

About Lindsey

Lindsey Kimura is a Clarity and Conscious Soul Guide with a background in health, fitness, yoga and metaphysics. As a graduate of Public Health from Johns Hopkins, explorer of 25+ countries, yoga practitioner since ‘03, leader in pole fitness for over a decade, crystal reader, healer and teacher with 20+ years experience in self discovery, spiritual and transformational work, Lindsey guides conscious leaders and creatives to discover purpose, navigate transformation and birth soul-inspired work.

AUGUST 25 ➸ 11-12:30pm

Experience deeper fulfillment & love by aligning with your Moon sign.

The natal Moon sign is the deepest part of you, the Inner World. It is the key to understanding your emotional landscape and what you need to feel fundamentally safe. It indicates your emotional nature and intuition.

The intention of this class is to deeply nourish your soul so the rest of your life can dig roots and thrive.

your experience includes

Accessing the ancient wisdom & power of the natal Moon signDiscovering what you need to deeply nourish yourself through your unique Moon sign placementMaking the connection between the Astrological houses, your Moon sign, and how you take care of yourselfFeeling safe to go into deep self-inquiry to understand, love, and accept who you are.

About OATH

Oath Oracle is an Intuitive Astrologer based in West Coast Canada

With 17+ years of in-depth study, Oath has dedicated over half of her life to the esoteric art form & language that is Astrology. Oath has established herself as a leader & visionary in the field of Intuitive Astrology, penetrating into and illuminating the true energies behind self-sabotage, destructive behaviour and living out of alignment.

Through years of dedicated study, Oath has completed extensive training in the Chakra system, yoga therapy, somatics, hypnotherapy, inner child work, trauma release, sensual embodiment and devotional Tantric practice. She seamlessly weaves her modalities into her work, all informed by intuitive Astrology and the unique Soul Blueprint of her clients.

Our unique natal charts offer X-Ray vision into the true blocks, patterns and limiting beliefs which hold us back. As well as our true power and potential. By illuminating this, we make sense of even the darkest corners of our pasts, and see the greater purpose behind our experiences. When we bring this understanding into the light of Consciousness, we can fully step into our highest expression of Self.

Oath came to this penetrating understanding through using her birth chart to navigate and deeply heal her complex trauma, primal fear and scarcity. By walking her sacred healing path with courage and integrity, using her deep study of Astrology as the map, she claimed her Sovereign power. As she stepped up to embody her highest potential, she came to a state of abundance, vibrancy & vitality she had never thought possible for herself.

Oath’s work has naturally expanded to Business Astrology & Wealth energetics. She works in-depth with her clients in her 1 : 1 mentorship program, Creatrix Rising, and is the creator of MOON COVEN : Magnetic Ritual Portal.

Through the winding path of her own life, coming from prolonged poverty and childhood trauma, Oath understands the true alchemical process of transformation. After many years drifting, rootless and engaging in destructive behaviour patterns & relationships, she knows what it is like to live without connection to purpose.

Oath’s mission is to help others navigate the sacred healing journey to their own divine Purpose, Power & Potential. When we walk in our truth & power, the Path unfolds at our feet. When we walk the Path with integrity, we know abundance, pleasure & peace.

AUGUST 28 ➸ 7-8:15pm

Manifest your potential by unlocking your infinite subconscious wisdom

Experience the power of hypnosis in a guided visualization and sound healing bath. On this journey into your subconscious mind you will release deeply ingrained limitations of your ego/lower self. Sound healing instruments activate the release of lower vibrational beliefs and “stories” while anchoring and attuning yourself to your highest potential.

The intention of this class is tune into your deepest desires and release anything in the way of their manifestation.

your experience includes

A brief introduction into hypnosis, what to expect, and intention setting to “direct” the journeyDeep progressive relaxation with a guided hypnosis/visualization meditation20-25 minute sound bath with Himalayan bowls, Planetary Gong, Tuning forks, chimes, rattles, rain-sticks, and other sound instrumentsLight journaling to anchor the experience and opportunity to share your experienceAftercare instructions for optimal healing integrationQ + A

About Surreina

Surreina Gallegos Gerbman began her journey as a healer, yoga teacher, sound practitioner, and spiritual guide over 20 years ago. She has studied with some of the most renowned teachers in the industry and is passionate about teaching self-empowerment and embodiment. She loves finding creative ways to accelerate the transformation process and finds purpose in being of service to her community.

Clinical Hypnotherapist - Reiki Master Practitioner & Trainer - Gong Avatar Academy Sound Bender/Healer - 500hr Yoga Teacher & Assistant Trainer - AMBA Feminine Embodiment Teacher - Aroma-Touch Practitioner

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